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Choi Sungmin
Written @ 01.15
Who is not familiar with Choi Sungmin from Co.Ed School ? A super duper cute magnae , which is great in terms of 'popin'. I really really love him, because his aegyo and face  kyaa ! Photobucket 

Name: Choi Sungmin (최성민)
Nickname: Solid Sungmin
Birthdate: December 17th, 1995
Weight: 49kg
Height: 172cm
Hobbies: Drums, listening to music
Specialty: Poppin'
Company: Core Contents Media

 Maaf yah bloggies :"( co.ed school masih termasuk boy-girlband baru di Seoul, jadi untuk mencari beberapa faktanya susah Photobucket Jeongmal mianhae yaah ~
instead, I give you some pictures about Choi Sungmin. Enjoy it yaa 

OMG oppa ! >< really cute *dying*

sleepy sungmin u.u

 he look like a little boy

he's VERY CUTE yah. Who agrees? lift your hands XD

cute laughs & o-mo-na

hmm, oppa. Can you give a teddy bear? to me please :D 

Sungmin oppa at  Bbbiribom Bberibbom MV

many people said, this photo is a photo pre-debut Choi Sungmin

 He's TOTALLY C-U-T-E, right ?

For your info, bloggies. Many people says Choi Sungmin is a member Co.Ed School lazy, and dirty. Omona, I can't believe it. He is very very petite (little in French language) . Haha I'm very agree. Look at his weight and height. Omo oppa love you damn much ! Photobucket

I shocked to know he was born in 1995. WOW ! Really young ! And  his birthday together with Jaejin's FT Island. but Jaejn 1991.
And by the way, member Co.Ed School boys delighted lap Choi Sungmin. Aah I want too look that ><

Happy New Year 2011 yeaaa bloggies. Hopefully become a better person. Amen :)

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